How to read the drawing status information

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How to read the drawing status information

How to read the drawing status information

The table below explains the meaning of the status flags and information about the status of a drawing in the Drawing list.


Column where shown

Information in the Changes column


Up to date

Parts modified

The parts in the drawing have changed, for example, parts have been added or deleted, or part properties have changed.


Quantity increased or

Quantity decreased

The actual drawing is up to date, but the number of identical parts has changed.

Up to date

All parts deleted

All the parts related to the drawing have been deleted.



The drawing is locked and you cannot open it for editing.



The drawing is frozen. Changes made to the model objects, which have drawing objects associated with them, are no longer available in the drawing.



The drawing has been added as a master drawing in the Master Drawing Catalog.

Ready for issuing

Drawing updated

The drawing is marked ready for issuing. You can check who marked the drawing from the new Ready for issuing by column.

Up to date

Linked drawing changed

You have a linked drawing in this drawing and the linked drawing has been modified.

Up to date Copied view changed A copied drawing has been modified.
Up to date Drawing updated A frozen drawing has been updated.
Up to date Drawing updated Drawing that has been marked ready for issuing has changed.

Up to date


The drawing is a cloned drawing.

The flag disappears when you save and close the drawing.



The drawing has been issued. For example, you might re-issue drawings that have been sent to site.


Issued drawing changed

The issued drawing has been edited or otherwise changed.

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