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Create a detail view

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Create a detail view

Create a detail view

You can create a detail viewdrawing view that is created from an existing drawing view and that shows a selected area of that view in the same viewing direction

Detail view is usually in a larger scale than the source view.

The view plane of the detail view is the same as the view plane of the source view.

from a selected area in an existing drawing viewview that includes selected model objects or an area in the model, that is represented in a drawing

A drawing view is a container for model and drawing objects.

A drawing can include several drawing views, which usually are two-dimensional views, plane views, to the model.

Examples of drawing views in Tekla Structures include main views, section views, single-part views, and 3D views.

in another view. The scale of the detail view is by default the same as that of the main viewdrawing view that shows all parts in an assembly, cast unit, or single-part drawing from the selected viewing direction

Main view can be front view, top view, back view, or bottom view. The user can create several main views.

, but in some environments the detail view is scaled up. The direction of the detail view is the same as that of the original view.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. Set the detail markuser-created symbol that includes a set of mark elements, identifies the point of creation of the detail view, and is displayed in the source view

    properties first: On the Drawing tab, click Properties > Detail mark .
  3. Enter a name for the detail, and modify the detail view labelassociative annotation object that is displayed in an individual drawing view and that includes information about the view

    , detail boundary and detail mark properties in the Detail Properties dialog box.

    The shape of the detail boundary you select affects the way you select the area for your detail.

  4. Click OK or Apply.
  5. Next, set the view properties: Hold down Shift and, on the Views tab, click Detail view.
  6. Modify the view properties as required.
  7. Click OK or Apply.
  8. Depending on the selected detail boundary shape, do one of the following:
    • If the shape is Circle , pick the center point of the circle and then pick a point on the circle.

    • If the shape is Rectangle , pick corner points for the rectangle.

  9. Pick a position for the detail mark.
  10. Pick a position for the detail view.

Tekla Structures creates the detail view using the current propertiesproperties related to an object type and applied to new objects of this type

In Tekla Structures, properties related to an object type are activated in the property pane or the dialog box.

in the View Properties dialog box and Detail Properties dialog box. The detail view takes the view depththickness of a slice of the model defined starting from, and perpendicular to, the view plane

from the original view even if you try to change it. You can change the properties after creating the view.

Detail boundary is set to Circle

Detail mark

Detail view

Detail view label


You can increase or decrease the detail symbol by dragging the handle on the detail boundary.

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