Arrange drawing objects

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Arrange drawing objects

Arrange drawing objects

You can reposition drawing objects such as marks, dimensions or texts on the basis of the protection properties of the drawing and the placing properties of each drawing objectobject that is represented in a drawing


  1. Open a drawing.
  2. On the Drawing tab, click Properties > Drawing and go to Protection....
  3. Check the protection properties, modify them as required and click Modify.
  4. Double-click objects in your drawing, such as marks and dimensions, and click Place... to check and change the placing settings as required.

    If the object is set to fixed, the Arrange objects commands will reposition the objects and keep the fixed state.

  5. Click OK and Modify.
  6. In the open drawing, select the drawing objects you want to arrange:
    • Select the individual objects such as marks, dimensions and texts by pressing down Shift and clicking the objects.

    • Use selection switches to select only texts, marks, and associative notes, for example, and use area selectionmethod of selecting objects that are included in a certain rectangular area of a model

      In addition to the selected area, selection switches and selection filters control which object types are selected.

      to select the objects that you want.

    • To select marks or associative notes only, first activate the Select parts in drawings selection switchswitch used for controlling which object types can be selected

      and select the parts using area selection, for example, and then right-click and select Select part marks.

    • Another way to select marks or associative notes only is to open the Drawing content manager from the side pane, select the model objects in the drawing and click Show to populate the Drawing content manager list, ensure that marks selection is active , and select the desired model objects from the list.

  7. To arrange marks and texts near current location or ignoring the current location, on the Drawing tab, click one of the following commands:
    • Arrange objects > Near current location .

      Tekla Structures positions the selected drawing objects so that they do not overlap other objects. Objects located in a free location are not moved, and overlapping objects are moved as close to the current location as possible.

    • Arrange objects > Ignore current locations .

      Tekla Structures positions the selected drawing objects so that they do not overlap with other objects without checking the current location of the objects.

  8. To arrange the selected marks and notes so that you avoid crossing leader lines, clickArrange marks. Remember that you first have to select the marks or notes.

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