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Base point improvements

Last updated September 6, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Base point improvements

Base point improvements

The base points were introduced already in Tekla Structures 2016i. The base pointpoint in a model that is used to define a starting point in surveying and that is used as an anchor point in coordinate and height transformations

A Tekla Structures project can have several base points but only one of them can be the project base point.

Base points allow the use of another coordinate system needed for interoperability and collaboration. Base points can also be used in drawings, and in reports and templates. Model origin is the default base point in Tekla Structures.

Base points are also called control points.

functionality has been improved further, and now you can set one base point to be the base point for the whole project, inquire base point values using template attributes, and use base points in drawings.

Set the project base point

You can set one base point to be the project base pointbase point that sets the point of origin for a project if the model has several base points

A project can have only one project base point.

in one of the following ways:

  • Select a new project base point from the Location by list in the Project properties pane. This can be either a base point or the model originglobal coordinate system point of origin used for the model

    Model origin is the default project base point.


  • In the Base point dialog box, select a new project base point from the list at the top and then select the Project base point check box at the bottom.

Note that it is not recommended to change the project base point temporarily during a project.

New template attributes for project base point values

In Tekla Structures 2017i, there are new template attributes available for reporting the base point values:

  • You can add the ending _PROJECT at the end of certain attributes to get the project base point value, or the ending _BASEPOINT to get the current base point value. For a list of template attributes where you can use these endings, see Base point in reports and templates.

  • The ending _PROJECT provides relative base point values and, if it is not set, relative model origin values.

  • The ending _BASEPOINT provides values in the current base point.

Base points in drawings

You can now use base points in drawings:

  • Base point data can be used in drawings on drawing and view level to set the coordinate system. The base point can be used instead of the datum offset.

  • You can select the base in the Location by list on the Attributes 2 tab in view properties.

  • When the base point is set, the level attributes and template attributes in marks attributes provide values in a specific base-point-defined coordinate system.

  • When the base point is set on the drawing level, you can use attributes ending with _BASEPOINT in drawing templates.

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by Ferdinand Constantino

This needs improvement. Doesn't work well. Tekla should provide more tutorial on how this would be used and be helpfull.

by Tommi Hautalahti

Thank you for commenting!

This page is part of the release notes for version 2017i, you can see the path at the top of the page and also indicated in the side panel under the "this section" heading. Here, we explain what has changed since the previous version for upgrading users, and since base points were introduced in a previous version, most of the information on how to use them is not included here. Repeating all of that would make this tedious reading for users already familiar with the feature.

A better place to start learning about the feature would be the actual instructions for using this feature, which you can find here: https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/2017i/en/int_base_point

Also have a look at the related video in the side panel.

If you search for base point in the site search, you will find these as well as advanced options, support articles etc. with additional details.

I hope this gets you started, and do let us know if the information we provide still seems to fall short after studying these. We are always intestested in hearing how we can give the best possible experience to all our users.

If you have suggestions for improving the feature itself, your comments are most welcome at our Feature wishlist at https://forum.tekla.com/index.php?/forum/254-feature-wish-list/