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Report Organizer location categories

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Report Organizer location categories

Report Organizer location categories

You can use location categorycategory based on location rules in Organizer

Location categories divide the model into projects, sites, buildings, sections, and floors. Location category can be defined automatically based on the boundary box or manually.

properties in reports. If you have more than one project in a model, you need to select which project, including the subcategories in the project, is used in reporting. You can use only one project at a time. When you synchronize a project, the report properties are always written to the model.

  1. To open Organizer , click Manage on the ribbon and then click Organizer.
  2. Select a Project.
  3. Right-click and select Use for reporting.

    The icon in front of the Project that is selected for reporting is shown as black.

  4. Right-click the Project again and select Write to the model for reporting.

    The report properties are updated to the model.

    The location properties of the assembly levelassembly’s place in the assembly hierarchy

    The assembly level is expressed as a number.

    objects in the model are:




    • LBS_SITE





  5. To change the project used for reporting, select another Project , right-click and select Use for reporting.
  6. Right-click the Project again, and select Write to the model for reporting.

    The report properties are updated to the model.


When using location properties in a report templatetemplate that is used for creating a report

, you need to add LOCATION_BREAKDOWN_STRUCTURE to the property name, for example, LOCATION_BREAKDOWN_STRUCTURE.LBS_FLOOR.

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