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Kingspan Simple Hip (14) - Bolts tab

Software version: 2017i

Last updated August 27, 2019 by Trimble Solutions UK tekla.support.uk@trimble.com

Software version: 
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Kingspan Simple Hip (14) - Bolts tab

Use the Bolts tab in the Kingspan Simple Hip Properties panel to override the default bolt data.

Tekla Structures properties Bolts tab for Kingspan Simple Hip (14)

Option Description Default Other
Bolt size
(Dependant on Bolt standard selected)
This specifies the diameter in mm to be used for the bolts where the standard manufacturer's size is not to be used. If you choose the Default setting the bolt size will be 12mm. The default is set to Default.  
Bolt standard
(Multiple choices)
This sets the bolt standard of bolts to both the primary and secondary members in the joint. The Default setting is 8.8XOX. The default is set to Default.  
Tolerance This is the difference between the hole diameter and the bolt diameter in mm. Up to and including 24mm bolts, the tolerance will default to 2mm. Above that, the default will be 3mm.  
Thread in mat
(Default, No, Yes) 
This defines whether the thread may pass into the bolted parts or not when using bolts with a standard thread length. With full-threaded bolts this button has no meaning. If set to Default the setting is Yes. The default is set to Yes.  
Bolt Type
(Default, Site, Workshop)
This specifies the type of bolt to use. If you Workshop bolt two items together they will become part of a single assembly. The default is set to Site.  

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