View status bar messages

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View status bar messages

View status bar messages

Status bar is the area located at the bottom of the Tekla Structures main window. Follow the instructions on the status bar when you use commands. For example, when you are creating a part, the status bar will tell you how to proceed and when to pick points.

  1. Instructions and error messages
  2. The status of Smart select ( S ), Drag & drop ( D ), and Ortho ( O )
  3. The level in assembly or component hierarchyarrangement of components that describes the internal structure of a nested component

  4. The middle mouse button mode ( Pan or Scroll )
  5. The current phase
  6. The number of selected objects and handles

Status bar message history

To view the status bar message history, go to Quick Launch , type Message Panel , and select the Message Panel command from the list that appears. A message panel appears at the bottom of the Tekla Structures window.

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