How to use commands

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How to use commands

How to use commands

Learn the basic method of running and ending commands. All commands throughout Tekla Structures work in the same manner.

  1. To find commands, slide the ribbon right or left with your mouse.

    Some commands have more options under them. The options become available when you click the command's name:

  2. If you are unsure which command you need for your current taskin the task manager, a representation of a piece of work that needs to be carried out in order to complete a project

    , rest the mouse pointer on a command.

    A small window called tooltip appears. Tooltips provide more information about commands and also give examples, hints, and tips. For example:

    When a tooltip is open, you can press Ctrl+F1 for more help on the subject.

    Tip: To switch the tooltips on or off, click File menu > Settings > Switches , and then select or clear the Tooltips check box.
  3. When you find the command you need, click once to use it.

    The command runs until you end it or use another command.


    If you want to check or change the object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

    Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

    before running the command, hold down the Shift key when you click the command. This brings up the properties dialog box. With parts and rebar sets: to check or change the properties first, use the property pane.

    If you modified the properties, remember to save the changes.

  4. To end a command, right-click and select Interrupt.

    You can also press Esc.

  5. To re-activate the last command, press Enter.

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