Vertical Brace Handle Setout

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Vertical Brace Handle Setout

This tool helps to adjust the vertical brace handle against connected beams and free offset value.

How to locate

Installers are available at Brace Setout.

After installation, the 'Vertical Brace Handle Setout' is available in the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications



Select the braces which requires adjustment against connected beams and some cases brace is adjusted without connected beams. There is special case where you can pick a brace and a beam in sequence to adjust brace.

Vertical brace handle setout dialog


Selection Type


Selected Adjust handles of selected vertical braces
All Adjust handles of all vertical braces in model
Pick Adjust picked vertical brace against picked beam, continuous pick is allowed to ease.
Selected - Free offset Refer below at heading 'Selected - Free offset'

Offset Type

Brace both end can be adjusted and uncheck the appropriate one if you don't want adjust that particular end. Also brace handle can be positioned at distance from setout of connected beam and this value is based in global 'z' direction.

Top Brace handle adjusted to top of the connected beam
Middle Brace handle adjusted to middle of the connected beam
Bottom Brace handle adjusted to bottom of the connected beam

Selected - Free offset

This option helps to adjust brace handles without any connected beams. Brace both handle can be adjusted vertically (global 'Z' direction) and horizontally (on X or Y plane based on brace orientation) however uncheck whichever are not required. 

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