Rebar Clash Crank

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Rebar Clash Crank

Rebar Clash Crank tool will create bend/crank in existing bars at critical junctions where it's clashing with other bars. This tool can be applicable anywhere like beams, columns, slabs etc. And this tool works with rebar/rebar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths


How to Locate

Rebar Clash CrankApplicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

will be available in Component catalogue (Ctrl+F).



Click the icon or select the ‘RebarClashCrank’ from the ‘Global’ list and press ‘Run’


Input order
1) Click the button ‘Select Rebar to Crank
It allows to select the rebar which you want to bend or crank. This can be a Single Rebar or Rebar Group.

2) Click the button ‘Select Clash Rebars
It allows to select multiple rebars which are clash with the first input rebar. This can be a Rebar or Rebar Group. Press middle button to complete the selection.

3) Select 'Crank Shape'
This is a drop down here you can select the crank/bend shape.

4) Crank Length
This input can be entered in ratio or direct length.

5) Select 'Crank Direction'
This is a drop down here you can define the crank direction

With respect to the Clash rebars in the input 2, this option will decide which side the crank rebar (input 1) should crank/bend.

6) Select 'Crank Side'
This is a drop down here you can define the crank orientation.

By using this option we can define crank orientation, i.e. Left / Right or Top or Bottom. Again this Left / Right and Top or Bottom is based on the Crank bar and Clash bar orientation.

7) Click the button 'Preview'
This option shows a temporary line how the rebar will be after crankingrebar set end detail that creates cranks for certain reinforcing bars in a rebar set

Cranks refer to crank-shaped bends and they can be created with rebar set end detail modifiers or rebar set splitters.

(in below image you could see the red temporary line).
Base on the temporary line you can see the outcome of the application. If the outcome is ok then you can proceed otherwise you can change the options (Crank direction, Crank side, etc.) and try preview again. To clear the temporary line please update the window.

8) Click the button 'Modify'
Now the crank bar get modified accordingly.


Due to the rebar limitations sometimes the rebar location or the hook orientations can be disturbed. Please review the cranked rebar after applying this extension.

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