Circular Panel Reinforcement

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Circular Panel Reinforcement

The circular panel reinforcement plug-in allows user to create the reinforcement for circular walls/footings, straight walls/footings and circular panels. The plug-in automatically cut the rebar based on defined stock length and apply the normal lap or cranked lab based on the user choice. It considers openings automatically.


How to Locate

‘Circular Panel Reinforcement’ plugincomponent that is developed using Tekla Open API

Plugin is a .dll file and loaded inside Tekla Structures process.

Plugins can be started from the applications and components catalog.

is available in 'Applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

and Component' after installation.



Click the icon ‘Circular Panel Reinforcement’ from 'Application and Component'.

Input order

1) Select the concrete panel or wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel

In Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.

In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel.

2) Pick three points (clockwise only) on outer curved  surface


Plug-in Dialog box



Rebar shape
The rebar shapes has the following options

Normal lap
Cranked Lap
For footings

The first two options can be used for walls and the third one can be used for panels and footings

Crank Slope Ratio
The crank slope ratio can be defined as 1:x

Stock Length
The rebar stock length available can be given here which can be used to create the reinforcement in the plug-in

Lap type
The options in lap types are normal and staggered.

Lap Length
The lap length required can be given as input here.


The offset in the above picture is the alternate lap distance

First Lap distance
The distance for the first lap


The above options are enabled only when this rebar shape is selected with the last option. These are usful for circular footings.

The bar shapes and lengths for the bottom and top bars can be selected from the options shown below. This is useful for footings.

The leg length can be controlled throught the following options


In case of custom hook the following fields can be filled to create the custom pattern

Hook Type Description
No hook
Standard 90 degrees
Standard 135 degrees
Standard 180 degrees
Custom hook



Creation method
Creation method has the following options.
Equal distribution by number of reinforcing bars
Equal distribution by target spacing
Equal distribution by exact angle

The below picture shows how to position the bars with offsets

The inner surface reinforcement can be switched on and off using the yes/no option

Outer / Inner


This dialog can be used to define the reinforcement properties and for inner bars use other tab.




Additional Information

This macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a program

Macros are located in the applications and components catalog. They are recorded or created manually and stored as .cs file in a folder defined with the advanced option XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

Macros can, for example, be used for creating drawings or reports.

Macros are sometimes used to run an application.

is not only for curved members but it can be used for straight members also in such case the input three points should be in the same line.

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