Auto Component Fittings

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Auto Component Fittings

Creating fittingadjustment of a part end

connection between Built-up members (Beam to Column or Beam to Beam)

How to Locate

Installers are available at Component Fittings
After installation, 'Auto Component Fittings' extension is available in the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications

group 'Component Fittings'.


Using ‘Auto Component Fittings’

Click the above tool icon and the tool window opens as below.


1. To apply the fitting connection between built up members, select the members using ‘Select’ tab, and ‘Apply’.



2. Option is available if you need to exclude any of the members from a selection. Once you exclude any member, please press the Filter for confirmation.

3. Under ‘Attributes’ tab, you can control the clearanceset space between objects

In bolted connections, clearance is required for entering and tightening the bolts with an impact wrench. In addition to this, there may be a clearance for a fillet.

In welded connections, clearances are required in order to allow a welder to lay a correct weld.

Reinforcing bar clearance defines the minimum clearance or the allowed overlap for reinforcing bars when they are checked against other objects.

required while fitting the built up members & Square to main or secondary member (see below)



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