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Tekla Structures 2017i Finland environment Release Notes

Last updated October 6, 2017 by Area Finland Service tekla.support.fi@trimble.com

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Tekla Structures 2017i Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings

1.1 Applications & Components catalog and Start Model Concrete update

Applications & Components cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

and the model templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models

The user can save a model including all its elements, such as object properties, certain settings, parts, and components, in a model template.

Start Model Concrete were updated. 

1.2 General

Line BENTZ    ! USER ! 0  !   !  4 !  5 !BentZ.BENTZ       !h*b*d*t[-a] was added to profitab.inp

1.3 DWG Export

Finland specific example settings "FIN-RAK-asetukset" for DWG Export were defined. Also a DWG template "FINtemplate" with some common Finnish layers used in DWG drawings was created and new material filters Materiaali - Betoni, Materiaali - Betonielementit, Materiaali - Puu, Materiaali – Paikallavalu betoni and Materiaali - Teräs were added.

1.4 IFC4 Export

Additional property sets BEC and BEC Tilaaja were added both to IFCfile format commonly used in BIM that facilitates software interoperability

IFC is an open specification developed by the IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability).

Model can be exported into an IFC file.

Export and IFC4 Export.

1.5 FIN Area spcific custom property files moved

FIN Area specific custom propertyobject property that the user can manually include in Organizer

Some properties are not automatically available in the Organizer, for example the properties of reference model objects.


  • BeamCustomProperties.dll
  • ElementCustomProperties.dll
  • LocationCustomProperties.dll
  • SlabCustomProperties.dll
  • WallCustomProperties.dll

were moved from folder ...\finland\extensions to ...\common\extensions\custom\properties. This applies to TS versions 2017 SP5, 2017i SP1 and newer. This is done to speed up the loading of custom properties (https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/2017i/en/xs_enable_fast_custom...).

2. Concrete

2.1 Standard files to new rebar extensions

Standard files to the new rebar extensions were added:

  • Draw rebar pullouts
  • Rebar pullout picture and marking
  • Rebar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths

  • Rebar group dimension

3. Steel

3.1 Steel components

(1004) Baseplate file "WithWeldPreparations.j1004" was updated.

3.2 Spiral beam

New dimensions (a_angle_standard.dim, a_straight_standard.dim and a_radius_standard.dim) and a dimensioning rule (Spiraalipalkki.SpiralBeamDimXML) for spiral beambeam that follows the form of a helix and is defined by a start point, center point and the rotation axis

Spiral beams can be concrete spiral beams or steel spiral beams. They can be used to create spiral staircases, complex architectural structures, and concrete parking ramps, for example.

Spiral beam can rise from the work plane or be flat. If the spiral beam rises, the total rise is defined between the start and the end point.

were added.

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