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This advanced option must be set in an initialization (.ini) file.

This advanced option is system specific and is read from teklastructures.ini. It can also be set locally, see your environment ini file ( env_<environment_name>.ini ). Generally, there is no need to modify system-specific settings. Do not modify them if you are not an administrator.

Use to point to the folder containing Tekla Structures graphic fonts. The Template editortool in Tekla Structures that is used for creating and modifying templates to be used in drawings and reports

, for example, uses graphic fonts. DXK_FONTPATH is defined in teklastructures.ini.

Always end the path with the backslash character.


set DXK_FONTPATH=%XSDATADIR%\environments\common\fonts\

See also

Font files

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by Jordán HERNÁDI

set DXK_FONTPATH=%XSDATADIR%\environments\common\fonts\ seams to be wrong
I deleted "\" from the end:
set DXK_FONTPATH=%XSDATADIR%\environments\common\fonts
Anyway does it work at all?