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Group identical objects to the same dimension line

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Group identical objects to the same dimension line

Group identical objects to the same dimension line

You can group identical parts, bolts, components and cuts or shapes to the same dimension lineline that visualizes the distance between the defined dimension points

Separate dimensions can be combined into a longer dimension line.

in integrated dimensioning. You also have the option to include automatic dimensiondimension that Tekla Structures creates in a drawing based on the dimensioning properties of the drawing

tags to grouped dimensions.

  1. In the Dimensioning Properties dialog box, go to the Dimension Grouping tab.
  2. In Activate dimension grouping , select the objects that you want to group.
  3. Highlight a row ( Parts , Bolts , Components or Cuts/Shapes in the Activate dimension grouping list and select the elements by which you define the identical conditions in grouping properties.
  4. In Automatic tagging , select the appropriate options to include automatic dimension tags.
  5. If you want Tekla Structures to update dimension grouping automatically, set the option Update grouping when model changes to Yes.
  6. Click OK.


You can change the dimension tagpart of a dimension that displays additional information about the building object

contents in the final drawing and include some other elements in the tag.

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