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Examples: Dimensions created with view-level dimensioning

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Examples: Dimensions created with view-level dimensioning

Examples: Dimensions created with view-level dimensioning

See below for examples of dimensions created with different settings in the Dimensioning Rule Properties dialog box.

Overall dimensions

Edge shape

Secondary parts



Distance to gridmodeling aid that represents a three-dimensional complex of horizontal and vertical planes

In Tekla Structures, grids are used as an aid in locating objects in a model. The grid is shown on the view plane by dash-and-dot lines. It is also possible to show grids and grid line labels in drawings, and to modify grid properties in the drawings.

It is possible to have more than one grid in a model. For example, a large-scale grid for the entire structure, and smaller grids for some detailed sections.

Filter: Embeds

Filter: Surface treatmentbuilding object that represents finishing of a part

The term surface treatment is used in concrete detailing. For concrete parts surface treatment includes surface mixes, tiles, and flat finishes, such as troweling and sandblasting.

The term surface finish is used in steel detailing. For steel parts surface finishes include fire-proofing and unpainted areas.

Filter: Bolts

To get the location of every bolt in the bolt groupgroup of bolts that forms a connecting building object between an assembly main part and secondary parts

The number of bolts in a bolt group depends on the bolt group shape and the values of bolt distances.

dimensioned, set Dimension to to midpoint :

Filter: Reinforcing bars and strands

Use the midpointoption to dimension each bar in a group:

Start point and end point optionwill dimension the first and the last reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

in a group:

If you want to have separate dimension lines for reinforcing bars that are not of the same size, set the Combine on one line to By position number :

To make the rule creation easier, the midpoint setting of the Dimension to option works so that it will create dimensions to start point and end point of the reinforcing bars that are parallel to the view planeplane in a space that defines the view

In Tekla Structures, the grids are projected onto the view plane and the grid lines can be visible on it.

View depth is defined starting from the view plane.


If you want to get different size of reinforcing bars on separate dimension lines, set Combine on one line to By position number :

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