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Create and view drawing snapshots

Last updated September 6, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Create and view drawing snapshots

Create and view drawing snapshots

With snapshots you can take a quick look at any drawings without opening the drawing. Use this tool when you just want to check but not edit a drawing, or take a look at several drawings while trying to find the one you are looking for, for example, a certain drawing revision. You can take snapshots of all types of drawings.

A snapshot is by default created when you open and save a drawing. The snapshot represents the situation when the drawing was last saved, so any newer changes to the model are not reflected in the snapshot.

If you have made changes in the drawing and close it by selecting the Close button in the upper-right corner, a message box is displayed where you can select if you want to save the drawing, and also if you want to create a snapshot of the drawing when the drawing is saved.

  1. Select a drawing and open it from the Drawing List.
  2. Save the drawing by going to the File menu and clicking Save drawing.

    The snapshot is saved in the ..\<model>\drawings\Snapshots folder.

  3. Select the same drawing from the Drawing List.
  4. Click the Snapshots button at the bottom of the Drawing List to display the snapshot.

Below is an example of a snapshot.

If you have selected a drawing that does not have a snapshot and click Snapshots , an instructional view is displayed asking you to open the drawing and save it to create the snapshot.

To create a snapshot of a drawing automatically when the drawing is created, set XS_DRAWING_CREATE_SNAPSHOT_ON_DRAWING_CREATION to TRUE in the Drawing Properties category in the Advanced Options dialog box.

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