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Create a drawing view filter for view-level dimensioning

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Create a drawing view filter for view-level dimensioning

Create a drawing view filter for view-level dimensioning

You need to create a drawing viewview that includes selected model objects or an area in the model, that is represented in a drawing

A drawing view is a container for model and drawing objects.

A drawing can include several drawing views, which usually are two-dimensional views, plane views, to the model.

Examples of drawing views in Tekla Structures include main views, section views, single-part views, and 3D views.

filter to use the Filter option in view-level dimension creation in single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings. The filter needs to be created on view level, because you create the dimensions view by view.

  1. In an open drawing, double-click the drawing view framesolid frame around all the contents of a drawing view

    Drawing view frame can be used when modifying properties of a single drawing view. Drawing views can be dragged using the drawing view frame.

    to open the View Properties dialog box.
  2. Click Filter.
  3. Click Add row and define the filter properties.
    • Add a row first to define the Object type object category. This needs to be defined for all drawing view filters that are going to be used in dimensioning definitions. Set the Value to Part or Reinforcing bar

    • Then add a filter row that selects all parts in a specific classpart property that groups parts according to identifiers given by the user

      The identifiers of classes are usually numbers. Classes can be used for defining the color of parts in the model, for example. Class does not influence the numbering of model objects.

      , for example.

  4. Use Save to save the filter with a unique name.
  5. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

Now you can select the drawing view filterfilter used for defining which objects are displayed in a model view or drawing view

View filter chooses objects according to object properties. The user can filter objects according to their profile or material, for example.

from the filter list in the Dimensioning Rule Properties dialog box and use it for dimensioning. If the filter is not displayed immediately after creation, refresh the list by closing and opening the dialog box.

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