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Tekla Structures sets the codepage automatically so that exported files are displayed correctly. If the proper codepage cannot be found, the codepage is set to ansi_1252 by default. You can set the codepage manually by using this advanced option, which overrides the automatic selection of codepage in export. By default, this advanced option is not set to any value.

This advanced option is user specific and the setting is saved in options.bin under user folder. Restart Tekla Structures to activate the new value.

To set the advanced option to the required codepage, use one of the following values:

  • ascii

  • iso8859-1

  • iso8859-2

  • iso8859-3

  • iso8859-4

  • iso8859-5

  • iso8859-6

  • iso8859-7

  • iso8859-8

  • iso8859-9

  • dos437

  • dos850

  • dos852

  • dos855

  • dos857

  • dos860

  • dos861

  • dos863

  • dos864

  • dos865

  • dos869

  • dos932

  • mac-roman

  • big5

  • ksc5601

  • johab

  • dos866

  • ansi_1250

  • ansi_1251

  • ansi_1252

  • gb2312

  • ansi_1253

  • ansi_1254

  • ansi_1255

  • ansi_1256

  • ansi_1257

  • ansi_874

  • ansi_932

  • ansi_936

  • ansi_949

  • ansi_950

  • ansi_1361

  • ansi_1200

  • ansi_1258

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