ToDo notes available in Trimble Connector

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ToDo notes available in Trimble Connector

ToDo notes available in Trimble Connector

Tekla Structures is able to connect Trimble Connect(1) Trimble’s platform for microservices in the cloud

(1) Trimble Connect platform’s microservices include services for uploading, storing, processing, and managing or consuming data. These services are meant to provide common solutions required by multiple applications.

(2) application for information sharing and collaboration for construction projects that is based on the Trimble Connect platform

(2) Reference models are used in Trimble Connect application instead of using import and export.

(2) Trimble Connect application includes web, desktop and mobile clients, and the Sync tool, for example.

for sharing reference models using Trimble Connector. The newToDo functionality in Trimble Connector displays the ToDo notes added to the project. You can add ToDo notes and reply to notes of other project members. The ToDo notes are shared to all project members by default, but you can select a user or a user group who to assign the ToDo with a due date when it needs to be resolved.

  • To display a list of ToDo notes , click theToDo button in Trimble Connector. You need to open a project to show the ToDos for the project.

  • You can:
    • Sort the ToDo list: Select to sort by Author , Assignee , Due date , Status , or Priority.
    • Search for ToDo notes: Use Search to search for specific ToDo s.
    • Group ToDo notes: Select to group by Author , Status , Priority , Creation date , or Last modified date.
    • View a ToDo : Double-click the ToDo in the ToDo list.
    • Create a ToDo : Click theCreate ToDo button. To create a ToDo with a view and a snapshot, select the native Tekla Structures objects before clicking the command.
    • Comment a ToDo : Double-click a ToDo note and add your comments in the opened property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

      The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.


    • Assign a ToDo : Double-click the ToDo note you want to assign, and click the Edit button. In the Assignee box, click Select and select a project member or user group from the list, or start typing the name of the user or user group to filter the user list. Select the due date from the calendar, and add priority and status if applicable.
    • Synchronize ToDo notes: If another project member has created or commented ToDo notes in Trimble Connectorfeature that enables interoperability between Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect application

      , the ToDo s are automatically synchronized immediately. Alternatively, you can click the synchronize button to synchronize the ToDo s immediately.

    • Adjust ToDo settings: Click theSettings button. The settings affect the snapshots view.

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