Faster synchronization and other Organizer and Task manager improvements

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Faster synchronization and other Organizer and Task manager improvements

Faster synchronization and other Organizer and Task manager improvements

Tekla Structures 2017 introduces improvements in Organizer synchronization and reporting. With Task manager , you can now show a sequence in the model.

Faster synchronization in Organizer

Organizer is synchronized significantly faster than before. Synchronizing Organizer now updates all properties of only the changed objects in the Organizer database. This is useful especially if you have changed only a few objects in the model. Previously, the properties viewed in Organizer were updated for all objects at synchronization.

When you have viewed a property of any object in Object Browser , the property will be updated in the Organizer database at synchronization.

Note that in some cases the whole Organizer database is still synchronized. This happens when synchronizing a model for the first time, or when you have enabled the pour functionality, for example.

Reloading Object Browsertool in Organizer used to inquire, view, and report model information based on selected model objects

When you reloadObject Browser , the viewed properties are refreshed to display the current situation in the model. The refreshed properties are also updated in the Organizer database.

When you have viewed a property of any object in Object Browser , the property will be updated in the Organizer database at synchronization.

More fluent and faster reporting in Organizer

View a limited number of objects in Object Browser

Object Browser now has a predefined limit for listing objects. As loading object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

takes time, the limit is useful if you have selected a large number of objects in the model or in the categories. When you select more than the predefined number of objects, Object Browser does not at first show the objects. Instead, Object Browser shows how many objects you have selected and what the predefined limit is.

You can change the predefined limit by entering a number in the box. The number you enter in the box becomes the default value. You can also set the limit in Organizer Settings , on the Synchronization tab.

  • Clickto show the objects and the object properties stored in the Organizer database.
  • Clickto reload the object properties and then show the objects.

Show objects from the model or the categories

Object Browser automatically shows objects either from the model or from the categories based on what you have last selected. On the Object Browser toolbar, the automatic selection button is selected by default. If you have a category selected, Object Browser only shows the objects that are in the category. If you have selected objects in the model, Object Browser only shows these objects.

You can switch off the automatic selection to control the selection. Click thebutton to select the other selection buttons:

  • Clickto show objects from the model.
  • Clickto show objects from the categories.

Set Object Browser summary row details

The options for defining how property values are shown in the Object Browser sum row and combined rows have been renamed in Organizer Settings. The sum row option also has a new value available.

  • Use In sum row show to define how the property values are shown in the sum row. Previously, this option was called Show result in sum row. You could either select the option to show the result or leave the check box unselected to not show the result. The corresponding values are now Result and -.

    The new sum row value Single value allows you to select whether you want the row to show a property value only when all the objects in Object Browser have the same value in the property column.

  • Use In combined row show to define how the property values are shown in combined rows. Previously, this option was called Show result in combined rows.

Report object properties to Excel

The latest object properties are now by default updated to Object Browser for the Excel export. The Update object properties from model option in the Export data to Excel dialog box is by default selected.

Pours in Organizer

When you have the pour functionality enabled, Organizer shows the pour objectbuilding object that is formed of one or more cast-in-place concrete parts, or parts of cast-in-place concrete parts

The cast-in-place concrete parts are merged into one pour object if they have the same material grade and pour phase, and if they touch each other. Pour objects are visible in pour view.

hierarchy instead of the cast-in-place object hierarchy.

Select categories

When you have selected a category in Organizer , the objects in the category now stay selected when you right-click another category. Right-clicking a category does not select the category anymore. When you right-click a category, you can only add objects to the category. To use all the category commands, you need to select the category first.

View objects in a pie chart

When you have grouped objects in Object Browser , you can now create a pie chart to view the ratio of the number of objects included in the groups. Press Alt+F12 to create the pie chart. You can copy the pie chart to any document by using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V commands.

Use Task manager to show a sequence in the model

You can now show a sequence in the model by using Task manager.

In the Task information dialog box, first set the sequencing order for the objects on the Objects tab. Then select the relevant objects in the table and click the Play button. The objects are selected in the model in the same order as they are listed on the Objects tab.

You can change the speed of the object selection by typing a different number in the box next to the Play button. The default is 1 second.

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