Object IDs changed to GUIDs

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Object IDs changed to GUIDs

Object IDs changed to GUIDs

Object IDs have now been largely replaced by globally unique identifiers (GUID) in Tekla Structures. GUID is a permanent object propertysingle characteristic associated with an object type

For example, profile and material are object properties.

and can be used to identify objects reliably.

The numerical object IDs are now temporary information in all model types, including single-user and multi-user models. The ID number of the object may change when the model is reopened, or when the read in command is used in Tekla Model Sharingcloud service for collaboration and for storing and sharing a model

Tekla Model Sharing is one of the Tekla Online services.

, and therefore the ID cannot be used as an object identifier in drawings, reports, and filters, for example.

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