How to cut rebar sets

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How to cut rebar sets

How to cut rebar sets

You can cut rebar sets by using the cutting commands on the Edit tab. You can modify cuts in rebar sets the same way as you modify cuts in parts in the model, by using direct modificationfunction that activates the mode where the model objects can be modified by using handles

Direct modification enables additional handles and modification options.


You can use the following commands to create cuts:

Concrete cover settings are also applied to cuts, even on cut edges that are parallel to reinforcing bars.

Cut a rebar set using an existing cut in a concrete part

If a concrete part with a rebar set already has a cut, and you want to cut the rebar set as well, use the Part cut command, and use the existing cut as the cutting partbuilding object that creates a part-shaped hollow


  1. On the Edit tab, click Part cut.
  2. Select the rebar set you want to cut.
  3. Select the cut in the concrete part.

    Tekla Structures cuts the rebar set.

Modify a cut in a rebar set

You can modify cuts in rebar sets using direct modification. For example, you can make a cut in a rebar set of a different size or shape from a cut in a concrete part.

  1. Ensure that theDirect modification switch is active.
  2. Select the cut in the rebar set.
  3. Modify the cut using direct modification.

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