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Rebar end anchor: Parameters tab

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Rebar end anchor: Parameters tab

Rebar end anchor: Parameters tab

Use the Parameters tab to define the end anchor properties in Rebar end anchor.

Option Description
Use manually entered values Enter values for the end anchor properties.
Use auto attribute file

The values in the auto attribute file override the end anchor component values.

Typically the auto attributes file contains one or more attribute values to be used with certain bar sizes.

Go to Tekla Warehouse to get auto attribute files for your project.

For more information on the structure of the auto attribute files, see Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools: Customize attribute files, part mapping and user-defined attributes (UDAs).

Option Description
Use custom component

Select Yes to create the end anchor as a custom part.

Select No to create the end anchor as a normal part.


Type the name of the custom component, or select it from the Applications & components catalog.

Ensure that the selected component is a custom part.


Type the name of the attribute file of the custom component.

The end anchor custom part is created using the saved attributes given here.

Input points The order of the start and the end points of the custom component.
Option Description
Numbering series Prefix and a start number for the end anchor part position number.
Attributes Name, diameter, material, finish and class of the end anchor parts.

The dimensions of the end anchor.

If you use a custom part, define the length between the start point and the end point of the custom part using these values.

The offset of the far most point of the coupler measured from the physical end of the reinforcing bar.

Note that you cannot control the end of the reinforcing bar with this component. You need to make sure the end concrete cover of the reinforcing bar is greater or equal to this offset plus the minimum concrete cover.

When you create the end anchors as custom parts, the properties in the Numbering series and Attributes sections can be filled from the custom partcomponent for creating a part that cannot be created by using any existing part command or part profile

Typically, custom parts are used to create parts that have a complex composition. For example, castellated beams and sandwich panels are often created as custom parts.

settings if you have named the properties in a certain way. For an example, see Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools: Customize attribute files, part mapping and user-defined attributes (UDAs).

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