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Rebar end anchor

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Rebar end anchor

Rebar end anchor

Rebar end anchor creates end anchors at the ends of reinforcing bars and bar groups.

Rebar end anchor is a part of Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools. Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools is a set of four components that help to model and manage

  • reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

    The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

    couplers that connect two bars
  • end anchors that are devices at the unreserved end of the bar.

The following components are part of Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools :

In addition, you can manage the user-defined attributes (UDAs) of the Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools with the Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools: Update rebar attributes component.

Objects created

  • Round parts

    The parts are attached to the end of a reinforcing bar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths


Use for

Situation Description

Reinforcing bars with end anchors.

Selection order

  1. Select the reinforcing bar or bar group.
  2. Pick any point close to the bar end where you want to create the end anchors.

All end anchors are automatically added to the parent part of the reinforcing bar. This allows them to be shown in reports and drawings because they are added to the sub-assemblyassembly in a nested assembly that is subordinate to a parent assembly

of the cast unit.

Two report templates Rebar Extra Fabrication Length.rpt and Rebar Thread Length.rpt can be used to inquire Threaded Length and Extra Fab. Length of the reinforcing bars in the BOMs or BOQs.

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