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Braced girder (88): Parts tab

Added June 1, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Braced girder (88): Parts tab

Braced girder (88): Parts tab

Use the Parts tab to control the girder creation, positioning and number of girders in Braced girder (88).

Girder creation



Creation method

Select the type of the girders.


If you use a profile as a girder, select the profile from the profile catalog.

In addition, define a prefix and a start number for the part position number, a material and a name.

Workplane orientation



Workplane position

Select the work plane position.


Use the Position in plane , Rotation and Position in depth options to define the orientation of the girder on the work plane.

Girder position in z direction

Select how the girders are positioned in the z direction.





Multiple L factor

Define the accuracy for the rounding of the girder length.

The default value is 1.0. With the default value, there are no decimals in the girder length.


Select the geometry for the connecting reinforcing bars.


Girder position in y direction

Select how the girders are positioned in the y direction.


Extra girders

Select whether additional girder groups are created.


For example, if you have selected this option:

Extra girder groups is set to None : No additional girder groups are created between 2 existing braced girders.

Extra girder groups is set to By number : Additional girder groups are created based on the entered number. Distances between the groups are equally divided.

Extra girder groups is set to By distance : The number of additional girder groups is based on the defined distance. The distances between the girder groups are equally divided.

Girder group

Define whether additional girders are created from the existing girders.

Number is the number of girders in the girder group.

Distance list is the distance between the girders in the girder group.

e = is the position of the girders from the reference lineline between two reference points

For example, if the user picks two points to position a beam, these points form the reference line, and handles appear at the line ends.

Reference lines can be used in snapping in a snap switch.




  • Girder group is positioned middle of the reference line.

  • Girder group is positioned on the right side of the reference line.

  • Girder group is positioned on the left side of the reference line.


Existing girders

Additional girders

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