Phase Manager

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Phase Manager

Phase Manager

Use the Phase Manager to break a model up into sections.

Phases are often used to indicate erection sequences. You can create reports and views, hide and lockto prevent unwanted action in a model or a drawing

It is possible to lock model objects, reference models, and drawings, for example.

objects, and copy objects from other models, according to their phase numbernumeric value that indicates a phase

For example, it is possible to create reports, to filter and lock model objects, and to copy model objects from other models, according to their phase number.

New model objects are given the current phase number.


For example, you might have a large project which several users work on simultaneously in single-user modemode in which only one user can work on a model

. First create a basic model that includes, for example, the columns. This is phase 1. You then copy this basic model to all users.

Each user then works on a separate part of the building. When a part of the model is completed, you can copy it back to the basic model as a separate phase (phase 2, 3, etc.).


When you copy objects between models using phases, the target model must have been created using the same or newer version of Tekla Structures as the source model. You cannot copy from a newer version to an older version.

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