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Tekla Structures licensing system

Last updated March 6, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Tekla Structures licensing system

Tekla Structures licensing system

FlexNet is a licensing system provided by Flexera Software. The FlexNet licensing system is activation-based, and it supports redundancy via a server list. You need to activate your licenses to transfer the license rights from Trimble Solutions to your license server.

In Tekla Structures licensing system the following tasks need to be performed before you can start using Tekla Structures :


License server on the same computer as Tekla Structures

License server on a separate server computer

  • The user installs the license server on the same computer as Tekla Structures and activates the licenses.

  • You do not need to borrow licenses.

  • A dedicated administrator installs the license server on a separate server.

  • The administrator activates the licenses, grants the users the rights to use the activated licenses and provides the users all the required information.

  • All Tekla Structures users connect to the company’s license server and activate their licenses. They use their activated licenses when they are working at the office.

  • Some users borrow licenses from the license server when they need to use Tekla Structures offline.

Tekla Campus users

The FlexNet licensing system is not used with Tekla Structures Learning Edition, and FlexNet licensing instructions do not apply. For more information about Tekla Structures Learning Edition, see https://campus.tekla.com/

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