Kingspan Cleader Angle (13)

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Kingspan Cleader Angle (13)

The Kingspan Cleader Angle connection is used to create a bolted connection between a manually modelled cleader angle and the top or outer flange of a Multibeam/Multichannel section.

Before and after

Tekla Structures model before adding Kingspan Cleader Angle (13) Tekla Structures model after adding Kingspan Cleader Angle (13)


  • Any modification of the selected parts will cause this joint to be updated.
  • The cleader angle must be running on the same roof pitch as the rafters and Multibeam sections.
  • The cleader angle must be parallel to the column when used in a wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel

    In Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.

    In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel.

    applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

    , the cladding rails can be either Multibeam or Multichannel sections.

Selection order example

  1. One or more Multibeam/Multichannel
  2. Cleader angle
  3. Click middle mouse button

The order to select Tekla Structures model when adding Kingspan Cleader Angle (13)

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