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Layout Manager

Last updated March 6, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Layout Manager

Layout Manager

Use Layout Manager to import and export layout data between Tekla Structures and a field layout device. Layout Manager enables you to use accurate model data on the construction site.

The image below illustrates the phases in the field layout workflow.

First define layout points and layout lines in your model, and organize them in suitable groups in Layout Manager. We recommend that you first set up the groups in Layout Manager , then model the points and lines and organize them in the groups. The points and lines are used in a layout device on the construction site to position parts correctly.

Once you have defined the layout data, you can export the data from Layout Manager to a field layout device in three different export formats: point file ( .txt ), job file ( .cnx ), and field link file ( .tfl ).

You can check and measure the positions of the exported layout points (design points) on the site using a field layout device. The layout device helps you to position the parts correctly on the site, as the points along the part boundaries can be placed to the correct locations.

To place the part boundaries correctly, measure the as-built positions of the parts on the site and create measured points along the part boundaries.

When you have measured the as-built positions and created measured points, you can import the points to Tekla Structures. You can first preview the points in Layout Manager.

Finally, you can view the measured points in the model.

To import and export directly with a handheld mobile device such as Trimble® LM80, you need to connect your computer to the device. Your computer needs to have software that enables it to communicate with a mobile device. For information on how to connect your computer to Trimble layout devices, see the Trimble website.

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