Send Web Viewer models

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Send Web Viewer models

Send Web Viewer models

When you have published a model as a web page in Web Viewertool that enables the user to publish a model or parts of it in a certain web page format

Models published with web viewer can be viewed via the Internet using a web browser (for example, Internet Explorer).

Web viewer is used in Tekla Structures until version 2019.

, you can send Web Viewer models to others as zipped files. You can also send a link to Web Viewer views or to the whole model.

See Publish a model as a web page on how to publish a model in Web Viewer.

To Do this
Send a Web Viewer model as a zipped file
  1. Create a .zip file of the entire \PublicWeb folder that is under the model folder.

    Remember to use the folder structure.

  2. Attach the .zip file to an e-mail message and send it to the recipient.

When you receive a zipped Web Viewer model, ensure that you keep the folder names when extracting the files. To open the model, double-click the index.html file.

Send a link to a Web Viewer view

Use the Send Web Viewer Link tool in Web Viewer.

See Create a named view in Web Viewer for instructions on how to create named views.

To see the view name in the Named views list, the recipient must copy the text string and paste it into the Web Viewer model.

You can also send links to several views. Copy the text strings pointing to the views into a text file and send the text file. The recipient then copies the contents of the text file and pastes it into the Web Viewer model.

Send a link to a Web Viewer model

Use the Send ULR Link tool in Web Viewer.

The recipient must have access to the folder that contains the published model.

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