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Elematic ELiPLAN is a software for resource planning, scheduling, and management for precast concrete fabricators.

ELiPLAN import and export automates the data transfer between Tekla Structures and ELiPLAN. The data transfer consists of four parts:

  1. Exporting ELiPLAN data filefile that contains options for object properties

    Data files contain information used by certain components or the rebar shape manager, for example.

    Data files have the file name extension .dat.

    from Tekla Structures.

  2. Importing ELiPLAN data file into ELiPLAN.

  3. Exporting ELiPLAN status data file from ELiPLAN.

  4. Importing ELiPLAN status data file into Tekla Structures.

The import of an ELiPLAN data file into ELiPLAN supports the incremental approach, which means that ELiPLAN is able to create, update, and delete parts in its database. This means that precast detailers can export the most up-to-date data files whenever the Tekla Structures model has been changed.

Similar incremental support is included in the import of an ELiPLAN status data file to Tekla Structures. To keep the status and schedule data up to date in a Tekla Structures model, we recommend you update the status data regularly.


The format and contents of the ELiPLAN status data file imported to Tekla Structures differs from the data file that is exported from Tekla Structures to ELiPLAN.

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