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Computer-aided design (CAD) means that you can create, modify, analyze, and optimize a design using software. CAD software applications are available for generic design or specialized use, such as for architectural or plant design. More complex forms of CAD are solid modeling and parametric modelingmodeling that uses parametric variables to define various properties

In Tekla Structures, parametric modeling is used in custom components and parametric user-defined profiles.

Parametric modeling can be used for defining a model object’s geometry, location, and relationship to other model objects. Parametric modeling may also use dependencies between the model objects to update the model objects.

The term parametric modeling has traditionally been used in Tekla Structures as defined above. In other modeling contexts, the term associative parametric modeling may be used (see also how associativity is defined in Tekla Structures).

, which allow objects to be created with real-world characteristics. In parametric modeling, objects have meaningful relationships with each other.

In Tekla Structures , the CAD import tool supports several different formats to import models, and is able to import a maximum of 10,000 parts. If the number of parts exceeds this, Tekla Structures displays a warning message, and does not import the model.

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