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Tekla Structures installation folders

Last updated March 6, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Tekla Structures installation folders

Tekla Structures installation folders

Install Tekla Structures to an empty folder to ensure you get all the files that are included in the installation package.

You can select the Tekla Structures software installation folder in the software installation wizard. By default, the software is installed under \Program Files.

The location of the environment installation folder depends on where you have installed the software. You cannot select the installation folder for the environments in the installation wizard. By default, the environments are installed in \ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments. The default location is used when the software is installed under \Program Files.

When you have installed the software and the environments, you can check the installation paths in Windows Control Panel.

The image below shows the default installation folder structure under \Program Files and \Program Data. User settings are stored under \Users.

The image below shows the installation folder structure under C:\. If you install Tekla Structures software under C:\ , the environments are also installed and the user settings stored under C:\.

The image below shows the installation folder structure of Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla online services.

Content installation under C:\ProgramData\Tekla\Tekla Warehouse.

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