NC Saw Cut Position Updater

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NC Saw Cut Position Updater

Tekla Structures exports NC filefile that contains information gathered from a model and exported to computer numerical controlled fabrication machinery

Tekla Structures produces NC files in several formats, for example, DSTV.

based on actual solid length however some cases the origin should be based on saw origin. Using this tool the actual saw origin is considered and accordningly all other points are changed in NC file.

How to Locate

'NCSolidPositionAdjust' is available under the ‘Applications & components’ catalogue as shown below, once NC File Updater installed. Also you can find under component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications

group 'NC File Updater'.


First create NC files with the option "XS_DSTV_PRINT_NET_AND_GROSS_LENGTH" as true.

After createing NC files double click the icon as shown in the above image. The following dialog box is displayed.

NC Saw Cut Position Updater


Select -> This button checks the files (*.nc1) and list the files where net and gross length are different.
Available Files -> List of files which needs to be processed
Excluded Files -> List of files are to be excluded from the process
Exclude -> -> To move the file to excluded list
<-Include -> To move the file to further process
Apply -> Process the NC files and makes changes as below images and comparision image. For each file there will be backup file with suffix current date and time.

Before updating origin After updating origin

Left side file is updated one and right side is the original file.

Once processed then net length and gross length will be same then it won't be processed again.

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