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Automatic part and neighbor part settings in drawings

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Automatic part and neighbor part settings in drawings

Automatic part and neighbor part settings in drawings

Parts and neighbor parts in drawings are building objects that will exist in the real structure or which will be closely related to the structure.

Parts and neighbor parts have drawing properties that affect the way that the part is shown in the drawing.

To Click the links below to find out more
Define what is shown in a part and how the part is shown

Define automatic drawing part properties

Check examples of modifying the part settings

Define automatic neighbor part properties

Define what is shown of neighbor parts and how the neighbor parts are shown. You can also control the visibility of the neighbor part bolts.

Example: Part representations

Indicate the part orientation by using part marks, by including compass direction in marks, and showing orientation marks and connecting side marks

Indicate part orientation

Check and change part and neighbor part properties

Part and neighbor part properties in drawings

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