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Edit drawings

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Edit drawings

Edit drawings

After you have created a drawing, you can modify properties of the drawing and views, building objects, and dimensions and marks already included in the drawing. You can add views, marks, notes, text, shapes and other objects. You can also change drawing colors, and use special custom presentations for some object types.

You can edit the drawing name and titles:

Rename drawings

Give titles to drawings

You can add and edit drawing views and drawing objects:

Drawing views in open drawings

Dimensions in open drawings

Drawing marks, notes, texts and links in open drawings

Drawing sketching tools and sketch objects

Building objects in drawings

Symbols in drawings

Custom presentations in drawings

Welds in drawings

Edge chamfers in drawings

Pours in drawings

Reference models in drawings

Grids in drawings

Colors in drawings

User coordinate system (UCS)

You can move, copy, reposition, and otherwise modify drawing objects. How you can modify an object depends on the object typedescription of a group of objects that share common characteristics

The objects are grouped based on different characteristics in models and in drawings. Examples of model object types are beams and rebar sets. Examples of drawing object types are parts and marks.


Hide objects in drawings and drawing views

Align drawing objects

Drag, reshape and resize drawing objects

Arrange drawing objects

Hide objects in drawings and drawing views

Trim drawing lines

Split sketch objects

Divide sketch objects

Copy sketch objects with offset

Change the shape of leader lines

Create fillets in drawings

Create chamfers in drawings

Indicate cut lines in Tekla Structures drawings

Explode drawing plug-ins and use them as normal objects

When you save and close the drawings, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

Save a drawing

Close drawings

Delete unnecessary drawing files in single-user mode

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