Mark drawings ready for issuing

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Mark drawings ready for issuing

Mark drawings ready for issuing

When a drawing is ready to be released for fabrication, you can mark it ready for issuing by using the option Ready for issuing in the Drawing list. When there are changes in the model, the geometry of the drawings marked ready for issuing is updated. You can also edit the marked drawings just like any other drawings.

  1. In the Drawing list , select the drawings to be marked ready for issuing.
  2. Select Ready for issuing > On.

    You can also select this command from the pop-up menu.

The drawings are marked ready for issuing, and flagged with a green check markin the Ready for issuing column in the Drawing list. You can check who marked the drawing from the Ready for issuing by column.

You can also mark a drawing ready for issuing by selecting the Mark drawing ready for issuing check box in the save confirmation message box, which appears when you close an unsaved drawing.

You can add in your reports the information whether the drawing is marked ready for issuing, and who has marked it using the template attributes IS_READY_FOR_ISSUE and READY_FOR_ISSUE_BY

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