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Connection mark elements

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Connection mark elements

Connection mark elements

In connection marks, you can show the connection code, name, number, and running number, the group they belong to, potential errors, and the related DSTV code.

Below is a list of elements specific to connection marks. Some of the available elements are not listed here, because they are common to many types of marks, and listed separately.




Adds the connection code. This is a user-defined code you give for the connection in the connection dialog box. The code can be either a text string or a number.


Adds the connection name, for example, Tube_splice.

DSTV code

Adds the DSTV code.

Connection number

Adds the number of the connection.

Running number

Adds the connection running number. All connections are automatically numbered with a running number.


Adds the connection group.

Connection error

Adds the connection error. The numbers correspond to the connection symbol colors:

  • 1 = green

  • 2 = yellow

  • 3 = red symbol

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