Lifting anchor (80)

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Lifting anchor (80)

Lifting anchor (80)

Creates two lifting anchors (or anchor groups) for a concrete part and places them symmetrically on either side of the part’s center of gravity.


30% of part length (default)


Center of gravity

Objects created

  • Lifting anchors (2 or more)

  • Recesses for anchors (optional)

Use for


More information

Straight anchor with straight legs

(Type A in the anchor properties file, see Anchor properties from file )

Straight anchor with L-shaped legs

(Type D)

Angle anchor with straight legs

(Type B)

Angle anchor with L-shaped legs

(Type C)

Custom components as anchors

Anchors recessed into the part.

Skew and/or rotated anchors

Before you start

Create the concrete part.

Defining properties

Use the following tabs in the Lifting anchor (80) dialog box to define the properties of the objects that this component creates:



See also


Anchor dimensions and locations, number and spacing of anchors, option to use custom components as anchors, option to create recesses, recess dimensions, skew angle of anchors, option to rotate anchors, basic anchor properties

Lifting anchor properties

Custom components as lifting anchors

Creating recesses for lifting anchors

Picking order

  1. Concrete part

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