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Beam end reinforcement (79)

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Beam end reinforcement (79)

Beam end reinforcement (79)

Creates reinforcement for the end of a concrete beam or strip footingfooting that supports several points of contact or a region of points of contact

Strip footing supports a length of wall or a line of closely spaced columns, for example.

In Tekla Structures, strip footing has a polygon shape that the user defines by picking points.


Bars created

  • Horizontal U-shaped bars (types 1 and 2)

  • Vertical U-shaped bars (types 3A and 3B)

  • Oblique bar (type 4)

  • Stirrups (types 5A and 5B)

1 Horizontal U bars (type 2 )
2 Horizontal U bars (type 1 )
3 Oblique bar (type 4 )
4 Vertical U bars (type 3A )
5 Stirrups (type 5A )
6 Vertical U bars (type 3B )
7 Stirrups (type 5B )

Use for


More information

Standard beams

Use bars 3A and 5A for the beam end.

Dapped beams


Beams with anchor bolt hole in the notched area


Beams and strip footings that have a rectangular cross section


Do not use for

Parts that have irregular cross sections.

Before you start

  • Create the concrete beam or strip footing.

  • Calculate the required area of reinforcement.

Defining properties

Use the following tabs in the Beam end reinforcement (79) dialog box to define the properties of the objects that this component creates:



See also


Concrete cover thickness, distances from the concrete surface to the bars, angle of bar 4



Bar dimensions of each bar type, which bars to create, option to splice bars 3A and 3B

Beam end reinforcing bars


Number and spacing of bars in each group of bar types. If the spacing varies, enter each value individually.

In the Bar 4 list box, select Yes to create the bar.



Grade, size, class, and numbering properties of the bars


Picking order

  1. Select concrete beam or strip footing.

  2. Pick position.

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