Bar distribution

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Bar distribution

Bar distribution

Pad footings

In pad footings, you can arrange the main reinforcing bars into:

  • One zone of bars that have the same bar properties

  • Three zones of bars that have different bar properties

You set the options separately for primary and secondary bars. Select an option from the Arrangement list box on the relevant tab in the Pad footing (77) dialog box.

Pile caps

Define the pile capfooting that covers the heads of a group of piles, tying them together so that the structural load is distributed and they act as a single unit

Pile cap usually includes reinforcement.

reinforcement using the following properties in the Pile cap reinforcement (76) dialog box:



To suit pile/column

Select Yes to concentrate main bars over piles and under columns.

% of pile/column width

The area where the bars are concentrated, as a percentage of the width of the pile or column.

For example, if the pile diameter or width is 500 mm, enter 120 in the % of pile width field to concentrate bars in a 600 mm-wide area over the pile.

Bar portioning (%)

The proportion of bars concentrated over a pile or under a column.

Bar portioning (number of bars)

The number of bars concentrated over a pile or under a column.

You can define these properties separately for:

  • Primary top bars

  • Secondary top bars

  • Primary bottom bars

  • Secondary bottom bars

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