Modify a custom component

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Modify a custom component

Modify a custom component

Use the custom component editortool that is used for modifying component that is created by a custom component, and for creating dependencies between component objects and other model objects

to fine-tune existing custom components. When you modify a custom componentcomponent that the user creates and uses for creating model objects whose composition the user can modify as a group

, Tekla Structures updates all instances of that component throughout the model with the changes you have made.

  1. In the model, select the custom component by clicking the green component symbolsymbol in a model that indicates a component type, functions as a link to component properties, and can be used to control component objects

    Component symbol of a connection or a detail also indicates the status of the connection or the detail using colors.



    Custom parts do not have a component symbol in the model. To select custom parts, ensure that the Select components selection switchswitch used for controlling which object types can be selected

    is active.

  2. Right-click and select Edit Custom Component.

    The custom component editor opens. It consists of the following parts:

    • The Custom component browser

    • The Custom component editor toolbar

    • Four different views of the custom component

  3. Modify the custom component. You can, for example:
  4. Save the custom component. Click Yes when prompted to replace all occurrences of the custom component in the model. All instances of the custom component are now updated with the changes you made.

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