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Modify connection properties for AutoDefaults

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Modify connection properties for AutoDefaults

Modify connection properties for AutoDefaults

Each connection has a default standard property filefile that contains properties or settings in the property pane or a dialog box

Property files are saved in the current model folder. The user can copy property files to the project or firm folders for future use.

User-defined attributes can be stored as a property file.

that defines the properties for the connection. You can modify the properties that the standard fileproperty file that Tekla Structures uses by default

Standard files are used, for example, for loading frequently used values into the property pane or a dialog box.

Standard file name is standard.* where the symbol * is the file name extension. For example, standard.clm file is used for column properties.

uses. Save the connection properties that you want to use and set the standard file to use these properties in the AutoDefaultspredefined properties that AutoConnection uses when creating connections


  1. On the File menu, click Catalogs > AutoDefaults settings.
  2. Click the plus icon in front of the rule groupto open the tree structure.
  3. Click the plus icon in front of the relevant group of componentsand connection.
  4. Right-click the standard.j connection file that you want to modify, for example, standard.j144 and select Edit connection parameters.
  5. In the connection dialog box, set the properties that you want to save.

    Such properties could be, for example, bolt properties, profiles, and materials.

  6. Enter a descriptive name for the properties in the box next to the Save as button.
  7. Copy this name in the Connection code option on the General tab.

    Using the same name allows you to check which properties Tekla Structures used in specific situations. Tekla Structures does not automatically show the AutoDefaults values in the connection dialog box.

  8. Click Save as.

    Tekla Structures saves the properties file in the \attributes folder under the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

    The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.

    folder. The filename consists of the name you entered in Save as and the file extension .jXXX , where XXX is the connection number, for example, sec_0-190.j144.

  9. Click Cancel to close the connection dialog box and return to the AutoDefaults Setup dialog box.

    If you click OK to close the connection dialog box, you need to load the default properties the next time you use the connection. Using the default properties ensures that AutoDefaults can modify the properties.

  10. Right-click the standard.j file again and select Select connection parameters.

    The Attribute File List dialog box that opens contains the properties that have been set and saved in the connection dialog box.

  11. Select a file in the Attribute File List dialog box.
  12. Click OK.

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