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AutoDefaults settings

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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AutoDefaults settings

AutoDefaults settings

Use AutoDefaultspredefined properties that AutoConnection uses when creating connections

to set up properties for existing connections. With AutoDefaults you can create rules that define the situations where the predefined properties are used.

To open the AutoDefaults Setup dialog box, click File menu > Catalogs > AutoDefaults settings.

Icon Setup level Description

Rule group You can use rule groups to organize settings according to different standards, projects, manufacturers, and models. You can create, modify and delete rule groups.

Components The component tree structure shows the connections that are available on component toolbars in Tekla Structures.

Rule set Rule sets control which properties to use in certain situations. You can create additional rule sets.

Tekla Structures processes AutoDefaults rule sets in the order in which they are in the tree, so you can control the selection of properties.

Properties file The properties files are under the rule sets. By default, each connection has a standard properties file that defines the standard properties, for example, standard.j144 or standard.j1042.

You can create additional properties files for the properties that you want to use again and give the files distinctive names.

Defaults.zxt file

When you use AutoDefaults, Tekla Structures saves the AutoDefaults rules in a zipped defaults.zxt text file in the \attributes folder under the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.


You can copy the defaults.zxt file to the project or firm folderfolder that is used for storing Tekla Structures-related files customized for a particular organization

A Tekla Structures user can, for example, customize a company’s cloning templates and save them in a sub-folder located under the firm folder. After this, the customized cloning templates can be used in all projects carried out for the company.

to make it available in other models. Each time you modify the AutoDefaults setup, you need to recopy this file to the firm or project folderfolder that is used for storing Tekla Structures-related files customized for a particular project

. To use the modified setup in other models, restart Tekla Structures.


We do not recommend that you edit the defaults.zxt file using a text editor, but if you do, ensure that you are using the right syntax. The easiest way to unzip the .zxt file is to change the file extension .zxt to txt.gz and unzip the file. Change the extension back to .zxt when you have finished. You do not need to zip the file after editing it, Tekla Structures can also read the unzipped file.

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