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Templates are descriptions of forms and tables that can be included in Tekla Structures. Templates are either graphical or textual. Graphical templates can be included in drawings as tables, text blocks, and drawing headers. Textual templates can be used as reports. The contents of the template fields are filled in by Tekla Structures at run time.

Tekla Structures includes a large number of standard templates you can use. Use Template Editortool in Tekla Structures that is used for creating and modifying templates to be used in drawings and reports

to modify existing templates, or create new ones to suit your needs. Graphical templatetemplate that may contain text, graphics, and bitmaps

Graphical templates are primarily used in drawings but they can also be used in HTML reports. Graphical templates display project and company information, for example. In addition to text, they can contain graphics, such as table outlines, bitmaps or symbols.

definitions have the file name extension .tpl. Textual templatetemplate that may contain only text

Textual templates are used for creating reports or listings of objects, for example, material lists of assemblies.

definitions have the file name extension .rpt.

The ready-made templates in the default environmentTekla Structures environment that contains basic example settings that are not related to any standards specific to a country or a region

are located in the following folders:

...\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\default\system

...\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\default\template


For more information on using templates, see the Template Editor Help or the Template Editor User's Guide.

To access Template Editor Help, open Template Editor and click Help > Contents .

To open the guide in .pdf format, click Template Editor User's Guide.

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