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Embedded anchors (8)

Added June 2, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Embedded anchors (8)

Embedded anchors (8)

Embedded anchors (8) creates one or more embeds in a concrete part.

Objects created

  • Embeds

  • Thickening parts

  • Reinforcing bars

  • Hangup bars

  • Crane cables

Use for



Two custom anchors.

Bolt anchors that are custom parts, hangup bars and crane cables.

Cast-in lifting anchors that are custom parts.

Cast-in wire rope lifting hoops that are custom parts.

Adjusting anchors are in the front side. The component is applied two times.

Selection order

  1. Select a concrete part.

  2. Pick one point to position the embedbuilding object that represents an object that is to be cast into a concrete structure and that is used to connect structures or as an aid when constructing a structure

    For example, a cast-in socket is an embed that is placed in concrete structures to allow parts to be bolted together on site. In Tekla Structures, embeds are modeled as steel sub-assemblies that are inside a concrete nested assembly.


    You can also select multiple points, depending on how the embeds are divided.

  3. Click the middle mouse button to create the embeds.

Part identification key




Concrete part (wall, column, beam, slab)



You can select multiple points.

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