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Possible values in filtering

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Possible values in filtering

Possible values in filtering

You can create filters that contain several properties. You can also have multiple filtering values for each property. By using conditions, parentheses, and the And/Or option you can create filters that can be as complex as needed.

Empty values are matched to empty properties in filtering.

If you use multiple values, separate the strings with blank spaces (for example, 12 5 ). If a value consists of multiple strings, enclose the entire value in quotation marks (for example, "custom panel" ), or use a question mark (for example, custom?panel ) to replace the space.


When you create filter rules between objects whose Category settings differ, use the And option when possible to avoid potential problems with more complex rules.

Template attributes in filters

You can select objects according to template attributes. To do this, select Template from the Category list, and then select the desired template attributeattribute in a template object that Tekla Structures uses to calculate and display information from a model database

Template attributes represent object properties.

from the Property list.

Use the following units when filtering template attributes, even when using the US Imperial environment:

  • mm for length

  • mm2 for area

  • kg for weight

  • degree for angle


To check which unit Tekla Structures uses for a particular template attribute, use the Select from model option in the Value list.

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