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Find commands and dialog boxes

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Find commands and dialog boxes

Find commands and dialog boxes

Use the Quick Launch box in the upper-right corner of the Tekla Structures main window to find commands, dialog boxes, and other functions. The shortcut key for Quick Launch is Ctrl+Q.

  1. In the Quick Launch box, enter a search term. For example, type bolt if you are looking for bolt commands.
  2. Wait for a list of search results to appear. For example:

    Tekla Structures highlights the commands on the ribbon, to help you locate them. For example:

  3. To run a command, click its name on the search results list.

    Or press Enter to instantly run the first command on the list.


    If the list of search results is no longer visible, press Ctrl+Space to reactivate it.

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by Hyrum

When you say "Wait for a list of search results to appear" you really mean it. The quick launch is terribly laggy. I think adding warehouse content here is a mistake, that is not something you "launch" If this tool was more responsive it might be useful for launching commands from programmable keyboards. The ribbon highlighting should also be optional, for the sake of responsiveness.

by Hanna from User Assistance team

Thanks for the feedback, we will investigate this.