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Contact Tekla Structures support (Support tool)

Last updated September 3, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Contact Tekla Structures support (Support tool)

Contact Tekla Structures support (Support tool)

The Support tool allows you to contact Tekla Structures support directly. With this tool you can collect the model, related files, and other necessary information in one support request, and safely upload your request to Tekla Structures support.

This page explains the use of the renewed Support tool included in Tekla Structures 2016i SP8.

The Support tool:

  • Automatically identifies the open model and includes all files or selected files according to your selection from the model folderfolder that is used for storing files associated with a model

    Tekla Structures stores all files associated with a model in a folder it creates with the same name as the model database (.db1).

    In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder.

    as attachments to your request. Some logs and files in other folders are also attached, such as the user feedback log, Tekla Structures logs and user-defined attributeobject property created by the user in order to widen the range of predefined object properties

    User-defined attributes are used when the predefined object properties are not sufficient but more properties are needed. For example, comment, locked, and erection status are user-defined attributes.


  • Automatically gathers applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

    and system information.

  • Uploads the problem description, attached model, attached files, and all other gathered information to Tekla Structures support.


Confidentiality information

All files you upload are treated as confidential. Only the recipient can access the files.

Create a support request

  1. On the File menu, click Help > Contact Tekla support .

    If you are having problems in opening Tekla Structures , you can use the Start menu/ Start screen to start the Support tool. The command to use is Support tool.

  2. Log in using your Trimble Identity.

    The Support tool opens and automatically fills in user, application and Tekla Structures version information. Support tool reads your name, email address, company name and support email address from your Trimble Identityuser account to Tekla online services and other Trimble services

    For a Tekla Structures user, Trimble Identity is a single sign-on account which enables the user’s online identity management. The organization that the user’s Trimble Identity belongs to, determines the user’s access rights. Trimble Identity is needed, for example, for Tekla Campus and Tekla Warehouse, and to log in to Tekla User Assistance.


    You can switch to another account by clicking Switch user.

  3. Select a category from the list of predefined categories, or select Other and enter the category.
  4. Enter the problem description.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select what you want to attach. The file name, file group, file size, and file location are mentioned for each file.
    • Select the All check box, or select specific files from the Select the files list.

    • If you want to send some other attachments than shown in the Select the files list, click the Add extra files button and browse for the files.

    • To add crash dumps, click Add crash dumps.

  7. Click Next.

    The Support tool creates the package and shows the total attachment size. You can also check application information and operating system information before finalizing the support case creation.

  8. Click Create case to upload your case to Tekla Structures support.

When the upload is complete, you will receive a notification at your email address. After a successful upload, an automatic confirmation message will be sent to you, and then Tekla Structures support will start solving your case.

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